Credibility factor


Where do you turn these days for information you can use and, perhaps more importantly, believe to be credible?

Sign of the times


The only thing constant in this world is change, and as of this week the News-Register has changed the look and feel of its online footprint.

If you build it ...

Does Aurora have a need for more housing? And, if so, what kind of housing and in what price range is there the biggest need? Those are pretty straight-forward questions and most would agree that the answer is that our community could absolutely fill more single-family dwellings if they were available. The tougher question is how to identify the biggest needs, and more importantly, what can be done to meet them.

Nebraska will bounce back, as always

Above all, Nebraska is a community. After 2019’s historic flooding, we didn’t simply cut our losses and move on. Instead, the best among us inspired the nation by looking out for those who were hit hardest and helping them get back on their feet.
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