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From the Sidelines

  • Dave Bradley
    Dave Bradley

Alabama and Ohio State kick off in less than two hours so it’s time for me to get my game face on.
Up until now I really haven’t paid much attention, but that’s okay, because these two teams have been here before.
5:23 pm: Urban Meyer explains man vs. zone defense on the Big Ten Network while the ticker at the bottom of the screen shows Wan’Dale Robinson has made it official: he’s transferring back closer to his home state of Kentucky. This is going to be a very long night.
5:26 pm: Alabama’s Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith warms up on a stationery bicycle, giving his gum a better workout than his legs.
6:42 pm: The two head coaches fist bump one another at mid-field. Lots of closeups of some of the players from both teams. They sure don’t look like our beloved Huskers.
6:59 pm: Lee Corso dons the Brutus the Buckeye head gear. First surprise of the night.
7:19 pm: Swing pass to DeVonta. This dude’s got some serious speed.
7:34 pm: I switch the TV over to ESPNU showing the skycast cameras with no announcers, just the P.A. guy. Very boring.
7:35 pm: ESPN News channel show some college coaches talking about the game. Nope.
7:45 pm: Alabama QB Mac Jones just doesn’t miss. Does anyone remember when the Tide ran the wishbone and threw five times a game?
7:58 pm: Reports that Buckeye running back Trey Sermon heading to the hospital with a possible broken collarbone. Gotta feel sorry for the guy.
8:02 pm: Alabama defensive front is scary good....Peter brothers scary.
8:10 pm: OSU ties it at 14 and this still might be a game. Master Teague III is a pretty solid backup.
8:17 pm: Najee Harris shows he just isn’t  human. Alabama 21-14.
8:29 pm: Targeting on ‘Bama. Easy Call. Dangerous. How does Buckeye tight end even get up?
8:40 pm: Jones to Smith. Not your average college duo.
8:42 pm: Kirk Herbstreet says maybe it’s a good thing Ohio State lets Alabama score just before the half because the Tide gets the ball first in the third quarter. Huh?
8:47 pm: Jones to Smith again. Turn away Buckeye fans, turn away.
9:03 pm: First half is finally over. Ohio State’s defense gives up 389 yards. Unreal.
9:40 pm: SEC Network shows the game plus an insert that follows Saban’s every move. After his defense gives up a 40-yard run to Fields, he goes ballistic.  And he’s way ahead.
9:50 pm: Smith heads to the locker room after spending 20 minutes in the tent. Hate to see it.
9:56 pm: Slade Bolden scores for Alabama. I love that name but seriously, it’s getting close to my bedtime.
10:03 pm: Ohio State gets stopped on a 4th and a long one from their own 45. Game over.
10:11 pm: Harris tops off his incredible night, walking in from two yards out to give ‘Bama a 52-24 lead with 13 minutes still showing on the clock.
Will the Huskers ever again be this good?
I’m headed to bed. Maybe I can dream about it. 

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