Huskers win ugly in Purdue

A win is a win, right? Not so fast, my friend.
That late score by Stanley Morgan, Jr. Saturday night did little to change my mind that hey, two weeks of preparation and that’s the best you’ve got?
Granted, this isn’t your father’s Purdue team, but seriously, didn’t Rutgers just beat these guys?
I’ll give the Huskers a little bit of credit. The Boilermakers did play Wisconsin tough this season. They are better. They have a stout defense up front. Their quarterback is okay. It was a night game in Indiana. It was a little chilly.
But that’s all I’m going to give. The thing that keeps coming back is that serious lack of a running game, and a serious lack of running play variations.
Don’t give me the zone read anymore with Lee because defenses know he’ll never keep it. How about student body left or right?
Either our offensive linemen aren’t using the proper techniques, aren’t strong enough or just don’t play with enough tenacity. The issue is I have no idea which is true.
But there is a bigger picture here. After that blowout loss to Ohio State, I know a lot of Husker fans have given up on this team, and on the program under Riley.
Any kind of change at the top does not guarantee any greater success, but at this rate, I’m not sure it could hurt.
I used to think as a Husker football fan that I was entitled to winning seasons, bowl games, conference championships and the occasional national championship.
When I grew up, Husker football was king. It was the crown jewel of college football. Players from around the country wanted to come here to be a part of a winning tradition. They wanted to play under Tom Osborne.
Now, as a member of the news media, I try to look at things from a “fair” perspective. Is it fair to criticize Nebraska’s coach for all the injuries in the past month to his top three safeties, his top running back, his top receiver, the linebackers and even an offensive lineman or two?
Is it fair to say the defense is still “learning the system?”
I said three years ago that Scott Frost was the right man for the job. I still stick to that.
On a night when the Huskers managed only eight rushing yards at halftime and 40 for the entire game, Central Florida was busy lighting up the scoreboard with 73 points.
The next four games should be fascinating. Three are winnable, one isn’t.
Will 7-5 and a bowl game be good enough for Bill Moos not to make a coaching change? How ‘bout 6-6?
Will anyone other than Frost be good enough in the eyes of Husker fans?
Still lots of questions and very few answers.
One thing is certain: I do have a field pass for the Iowa game, and yes, Riley’s post-game press conference could be a little interesting.
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