Bands on the Bricks III to take center stage Friday


Social distancing guidelines in place for summer series

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Aurora’s popular summertime series, Bands on the Bricks, is set to be back in action on the downtown square starting Friday from 6-9 p.m. with a performance by Mike Semrad and the Riverhawks.

Though the fun and fanfare of live music on the bricks will stay the same, event coordinator and Aurora Chamber of Commerce Board President Sara Sutherland noted that a handful of changes and adjustments had to be made in order to comply with Central District Health Department guidelines and requirements.

“I would definitely say the biggest change this year, as opposed to the previous two years, is we will not bring out the picnic tables on the street this year,” Sutherland said.

Picnic tables bring an increased likelihood for congregating and close contact, she explained.

“So this year will be exclusively BYOC -- bring your own chair, which the majority of the crowd did for the last two years anyway,” she noted with a laugh.

Also new this year will be increased signage and volunteers posted around the event, actively reminding those in attendance to stay appropriately socially distanced. “We wanted to keep our

“We wanted to keep our groups six and under, I believe that’s the current directed health measure,” she said. “It is a little different though when you’re all sitting facing a stage and not face to face, you know just the best we can do to spread out will be super helpful to keep everyone safe.” Other updates include the

Other updates include the availability of hand sanitizer stations, the absence of the “kiddie-train” and the Aurora Toy Library’s setup.

“But for those who still want to feel safer at home are still may be at higher risk, or they just want to be able to be a part of something but do at home, Hamilton actually is going to be streaming the concert live this year on channel 400 on Cobalt TV,” Sutherland announced. “That will give an extra layer into Bands on the Bricks that I’m really excited about, for anyone who does need to stay home, to still be able to take part in this fun community event.” These changes should be an

These changes should be anticipated, but shouldn’t impact the fun of the event, she added.

“I think at this point we are all fully aware that we are in a global pandemic with regards to COVID-19 and I think a lot of these changes will not be a surprise to people,” Sutherland reported. “It’s become the world that we’ve had to live in the last couple of months.”

One thing guests will find similar this year will be the presence of food vendors. Both JoJo’s and Pizza Hut will be available for the hungry to visit with an encouraged six foot waiting distance for all lines.

“We will also have our bar table again this year for people to be able to purchase those adult beverages and then return back to their seats,” she said. “The designated area for consumption of those beverages will be exactly the same as last year.”

Bands have yet to be finalized, as the coronavirus pandemic caused some shuffling in the schedule and rescheduling all together, but Sutherland assured that there is a band for every week of the series. “Just as with the previous

“Just as with the previous two seasons it is something where every band has been topnotch, super fabulous, and they all play a ton of covers that are songs everyone knows so even if there has been one that has a little bit more of a country sound versus a rock sound, it really ends up just being one super fun evening,” she said. “They all play songs you know and love.”

The event itself will still play host to a number of different in-state bands and a night dedicated specifically to local talent, as well as a few from a bit farther out. Last year’s local night featured Aurora native Myles Jasnowski.

“That will be our August 14th date, we’re excited for that,” she announced.

Those who wish to check out which band will be arriving closer to the Friday events are invited to follow the Bands on the Bricks Facebook page.

Sutherland voiced a reminder that all music volume levels will be kept reasonable, as to allow for children, talking and dancing.

“Just even to see a smiling face and wave to somebody that you haven’t seen in awhile,” she started. “Even if it’s from a distance, it just really gives people the opportunity to feel a part of something again.”

In all, both Sutherland and the Aurora Chamber of Commerce look forward to putting on the Bands on the Bricks series for the community.

“We have all experienced so many cancellations over the last few months that I think many of us feel that isolation that has come with the cancellations and in the ‘stay at home’ recommendation,” Sutherland expressed. “Ultimately it’s great. We want for everyone to stay safe and healthy during this time, but it will also be really fun to see people have an opportunity to come together. Live music just brings a new energy to a crowd, to the community. It’s something that’s all ages that everyone can enjoy.”

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