Ditch fire spreads near Marquette


Several area fire departments respond to mutual aid call

  • Ditch fire near Marquette.
    Ditch fire near Marquette.

A call went out on Tuesday around 2 p.m. for a ditch fire on 22 Road just west of Marquette.
Marquette fire chief D.J. Frauendorfer reported that cause of the fire was most likely a cigarette thrown out of a window. He continued, noting that the critical fire weather caused the blaze to spread throughout the harvested field.
“I was say probably 20-30 acres got burned up,” he said.  
Phillips, Chapman and Central City all sent mutual aid to help with the fire. Frauendorfer added that there were three or four farmers out in the field disking to help slow the spread.
Firefighters left the field around 4:30 with the only damage reported being two pivot tires that had gotten burned. There were no injuries reported.

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