Aurora Chamber of Commerce board welcomes seven new members

  • Aurora Chamber of Commerce
    Aurora Chamber of Commerce

With the coming of the new year also arrives the changing of the guard for many local organizations and boards, including that of the locals who make up the Aurora Chamber of Commerce board. 
“This has kind of been a goal for the chamber,” said Justise Rhoden, Aurora Chamber of Commerce executive director. “Since we were reinstated back in 2017, it was just kind of luck that when we wrote the bylaws back then we had so much on our plate that we kind of oversaw a very obvious thing -- that everyone’s serving three-year terms. So we kind of had a mass exodus this year, but we also had some really great board members that decided to stick around and serve a second term.”
Though excited to have a few returning board members, Rhoden added, there was also an opportunity for new board members to be introduced into the mix.

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