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Recognizing workforce more important than ever in 2020

  • Kurt Johnson
    Kurt Johnson

Going to work each day has been anything but normal in 2020, challenging employees, managers and owners in almost every sector of the workforce in unprecedented ways. The News-Register staff therefore turned the spotlight toward a most deserving subject this year with our annual workforce recognition edition -- working from home.
Nebraska and Hamilton County has long been known for its strong work ethic, which has proven invaluable with the spread of a global pandemic. By some estimates as many as 66 percent of American employees are now working remotely from home, though it’s hard to quantify that percentage here at home. Whatever the number, the trust factor, ability to communicate and flexibility to think outside the box on ways to utilize technology have become keys to success. Having access to high-speed internet is another critical factor, and on that note Hamilton County is fortunately well ahead of the curve.
Our report this week offers a snapshot of some of the changes local employees and managers have had to endure in 2020. Due to COVID concerns, we were not able to take some of the large group photos as we normally would, thus we too had to find an alternative approach. Finding a way to get it done has become the name of the game this year in business, and in life.
This project has taken a number of different approaches over the years, featuring husband/wife co-owners; then and now -- comparing today’s work environment with yesteryear; hiring for and working the night shift; the benefits military veterans bring to their jobs; and last year the millennial generation perspective. There are so many different aspects of the workforce it’s not hard to find a tale worth telling.
Ask any entrepreneur, corporate executive or local manager what makes or breaks the bottom line and you’ll get the same answer no matter what the industry, current economic climate or location. It’s the people, the boots on the ground workforce, that gets things done.
The hard-working men and women who turn the soil, manage the store, teach our children, fix our computers and in various ways keep the economic engine of Hamilton County humming along are indeed the backbone of our community, state and nation. It’s fitting and oh so important to tip the hat once in a while to the local workforce, which we’re proud to do with this week’s special edition.
The News-Register’s workforce salute also recognizes where your friends and neighbors go to work every day. We think you’ll enjoy scanning through the many staff photos from local businesses, connecting the dots on who is behind the scenes of Hamilton County’s business world.
This year in particular, our community just wouldn’t work without you.
Kurt Johnson

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