Evidence of election fraud not examined

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Dear Editor:
I welcome the opportunity to respond to Monte Burger’s challenge to the validity of my previous article concerning Senators Sasse and Fischer violating their oath to defend and uphold the Constitution by voting to validate electors selected from several states by an egregious and fraudulent process.
I agree with Mr. Burger that purported evidence needs to be supported with either documentation, and/or the application of common sense and logic. I did not provide an abundance of either, not because I don’t have it, but because my article was rather lengthy by editorial standards, and I didn’t want to have it go unpublished for being too long.
However, I note that Mr. Burger did not refute or even address my citation of Article II, Section 2 regarding the absolute requirement that State legislatures, not Secretaries of State, Governors, or any level of the Judiciary. The states that violated this constitutional mandate, by definition, conducted illegal and fraudulent elections. “Either the Constitution matters and must be followed … or it is simply a piece of parchment on display at the National Archives.”
Texas v. Pennsylvania et al.
Additionally, it seems we may have a case of “the pot calling the kettle black.” He claims “60 legal challenges … all 60 were dismissed for … lack of evidence....” The demonstrable truth is NONE were dismissed for lack of evidence; no court, at any level, looked at the evidence; they used procedural reasoning to keep from looking at any evidence. Using logic, I can’t prove a negative, but Mr. Burger, following his desire for cited evidence, should be able to provide date and court where “evidence” was dismissed. I know this “no evidence” and “60 courts” rhetoric comes from the so-called “mainstream media.” You may recall this same media spent four years claiming Trump was an illegitimate President, because he “colluded” with Putin. We now know the media, members of Congress, and Obama’s intelligence community were lying to America the entire time.
Pennsylvania – 202, 377 more ballots cast than voters who voted – news release from PA lawmakers, Dec. 28, 2020
Wisconsin – city officials in Democrat stronghold Madison assisted in the creation of more than 200 “Democracy in the Park” illegal polling places – Navarro Report – Dec. 2020
Michigan – according to state law, it is illegal to count absentee ballots w/o corresponding voter registration numbers for corresponding precincts – election officials allowed 174,000 of these ballots to be counted anyway – State of Texas v. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania et al. Dec. 7, 2020
Arizona – professional mathematician, Bobby Piton, testified to AZ legislature 50% of a sample of 1,000 voters in 2020 election were not real people. He also noted that 200,000 AZ ballots were edited the day after the election in a letter addressed to AZ Legislature, Dec. 11,2020 found on thegatewaypundit.com Jan. 23,2021.
Epoch Times - “Dominion Software Intentionally Designed to Influence Election Results: Forensic Report” 12-14-2020
Epoch Times – 17,650 votes switched from Trump to Biden – data scientists say 1-2-2021
Stanford Expert Hacks Dominion Voting in Real Time Proving Ability to Alter Vote Count – paulcraigroberts.org - 12-31-2020
The Firm Hired by GA Secretary of State to Audit the GA vote Is the Firm that Cerified the Dominion Voting Machines – paulcraigroberts.org - 12-4-2020
MacIver News -- “A Quarter-Million Wisconsin Voters Claim To Be ‘Indefinitely Confined’ And Not Bound By Voter ID” - Oct. 29, 2020
Townhall - “Judge: Virginia’s ‘No Postmark’ Rule Change for Ballots Violated the Law” - Jan. 27, 2021
Logic/common sense – There are 19 “bell weather” counties; whoever wins those always wins the election – Trump won 18 of them.
Whoever wins Florida, Iowa, and Ohio wins the election – Trump won all three. Trump received, at least, 74 million votes; more than any candidate in history. Incumbents almost never receive more votes the second time around. The very popular Obama did not.
Biden, who never had any crowds at his few events; in fact, in Phoenix, he had zero – nobody came – yet, we are to believe he received six million more votes than any candidate in history.
Anywhere Trump went, and at any time of day or night, he had thousands of supporters standing in line for hours, sometimes days for a chance to get in.
Political experts told us, if Trump gets 2 or 3 percent more Black votes than 2016, he would win. He got nearly 3 times more than 2016. If he got around 20 percent of the Hispanic vote, he would win; he got 40-45 percent.
Biden under performed in all the places Clinton won, except in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Madison, Milwaukee, Detroit, Phoenix and Las Vegas.
Final thought: If I had nearly half the country believing my election was illegitimate, it would be vitally important for me to insist ALL questioned precincts be audited by expert analysts from both camps. Yet, we find the Democrats and their allies in the media and big tech will cancel anyone who would dare question their claims of the most secure election ever. In Mein Kampf, Hitler coined “The Big Lie”. I believe we are living it.
Irl Gilliland,

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