Election fraud statistics useless without sources

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Dear Editor:
In response to the recent editorial from Irl Gilliland: Your letter to the editor of last week claimed voter fraud in several states in the Nov. 3, 2020 national election. The statistics you submitted as evidence of rampant voter fraud are meaningless because you failed to cite your sources. Without source information, it is impossible to verify your claims because you don’t get to claim something as true just because you say it is, or you read it somewhere.
With the proliferation of social media these days, anyone can publish statistics on any subject, but no rational person will take your argument seriously if it is not possible to verify the source of your numbers. Officials in all the states, several of them Republicans, certified the results of their state’s election numbers, some of them after one or more re-counts. There have been 60 legal challenges to results and procedures in several states, and all 60 were dismissed for either lack of evidence of fraud, or lack of standing. Even Trump’s director of DHS Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Christopher Krebs, stated that this election was the most secure one in history.
It also seems biased to claim fraud only in states that Trump lost. It seems unlikely that there would not have also been fraud evident in states that Trump won.
Monte Burger,


Trip to DC not
one of heroism
Dear Editor:
Aurora and surrounding communities had their fair share of real American heroes contributing to the defense of our country. For this, their sacrifices have been buried deep in the pages of the ANR.
Then we get a local resident who doesn’t like the outcome of the election, which has been verified by more than 60 courts and the United States Supreme Court, accepted by the Electoral College, the vast majority of Congress and Senate, and even Vice President Pence. But he doesn’t like it, so he goes to DC and participates in a large rally disagreeing with the outcome. That, so far, is his right. But his presence supported and encouraged some of the mob to break into the Capitol, smashing through windows and doors, killing five people, and attempting to kidnap, or rose, VP Pence and Speaker of the House Pelosi.
He claims the news coverage is way overblown. Hey, we are not blind or stupid. We have all seen lots of news footage of what they did, such as taking over the seats of Pence and Pelosi, who earned the right to be there, and overpowering the Capitol police, striking and kicking and threatening them and smashing them in doorways. By his own admission, our local resident went up Capitol steps, trespassing, as a minimum.
For his acts, he is treated as a hero and gets front page headlines in the Jan. 20 issue of the ANR. I think there was poor judgment involved, by more than one person.
Leon Cinderlind,

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