The truth is Biden won election fair and square

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Dear Editor:
Words cannot express the sadness that I feel over what has happened to our country these last four years. We have seen a president and his supporters threaten our democracy by trying to overturn a legitimate election with baseless claims, lies, and conspiracy theories, beginning even before the election.  In a third world country, we would call this an attempted coup.  
We have seen a president try to pressure election officials and state legislators to go against their sworn duty. We have heard the president, in a taped phone call, try to pressure the Georgia secretary of state to commit voter fraud.  
We have seen a president incite a mob to attack the sacred halls of our Capitol, try to stop the constitutional process that was going on inside, and endanger the very lives of our elected officials.
The facts are clear: this was a free and fair election, the most transparent in history. There is absolutely no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Even Attorney General William Barr attested to this. Joe Biden was the clear winner. He won by over 7 million votes, and won the electoral vote in a landslide, 306-232.  
What is hard to believe are polls that show that over 70 percent of Republicans still believe these baseless claims, lies, and conspiracy theories of Trump and his supporters, that the election was somehow rigged and that Trump instead won in a landslide. They are living in an alternate reality.  What will it take to open their eyes to the truth?
Our country is tragically split, perhaps more than ever before in our history. What will it take to end the strife and division that is tearing our country apart and endangering the very democracy that we say we cherish? Only the TRUTH! We desperately need our Republican leaders, our religious leaders, and our newspaper editors to have the courage to boldly proclaim the truth once and for all: That JOE BIDEN WON THE ELECTION, FAIR AND SQUARE.
Unless they have the courage to speak up, I really fear for the future of our country. We often take our democracy for granted, but it is really a fragile thing, dependent upon the honesty, good will, and cooperation of its citizens.
Gary A. Rath,
former Aurora educator


Dangerous lies
Dear Editor:
My first impulse was to correct and dispute the lies and misrepresentations in the letter submitted Jan. 20 by Irl Gilliland. That has already been done by over 60 federal and state courts, election officials on the federal and state level in the contested states, and by state and federal members of legislatures, including his own.
People like this are right where they want to be. Peddling Trump’s lies to his friends and neighbors can be dangerous, as the Jan. 6th events showed.
Tom Hamburger,


Votes against transparency
Dear Editor:
The residents of Districts 34 and 35 in central Nebraska (in Hall, Hamilton, Merrick, and Nance counties) should be angry to learn that their representatives in Lincoln, Sens. Ray Aguilar and Curt Friesen, voted against transparency last week when they voted against the Republican effort to end the secret ballot voting for committee chairmanship positions.
Aguilar and Friesen voted to continue the practice of secret ballots, thereby preventing Nebraska voters from knowing how their senators voted when it comes to the powerful leadership positions of the various committees like education, judiciary, appropriations, etc.
Why? Why would any senator, regardless of party affiliation, vote to keep their constituents in the dark about how they voted? What is there to hide?
Every year, our Republican senators sell us out, and allow the Democrats to take control of the Unicameral, even when they are the majority party.
It’s time for Republican voters to start sending better Republicans to Lincoln.
Maris Bentley,


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