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Huskies share timely, timeless message: ‘Let’s focus on us’

  • Kurt Johnson
    Kurt Johnson

Thank you, Aurora Huskies!
In the midst of a world in unprecedented chaos, our own beloved Big Red football team stuck to a game plan that not only worked on the Class B gridiron but also offers a script that applies well for life in 2020.
“Stay positive and focus on us.”
Coach Kyle Peterson has used that approach for years when describing his coaching philosophy. Whether his team is undefeated and in the midst of a 2018 championship run or 0-2, trailing in Game 3 in 2020, Peterson consistently told his players and coaches that the best way to get better is to focus on improving each aspect of what you’re doing, individually and as a unit, and don’t worry about the things you can’t control.
It’s so tempting to dial in on what went wrong the last time out or try to anticipate what others might be planning or doing, but at the end of the day he tells his Huskies to focus their energy on the things they, personally can do to impact the outcome. The message is simple, but effective. 
This year’s team did just that in a season that almost wasn’t, rebounding from a slow start to make a run many people didn’t see coming.  The Huskies played some really good football down the stretch, finding an identity, doing what they do well and staying positive. The end result was fun to watch for Husky Nation, giving our community something fun to share and talk about. 
A state finals run is exciting any given year, but in 2020 it was priceless. Heading into Thanksgiving week, the Huskies’ game plan resonates well beyond the football field.
A global pandemic now threatens so many of our time-honored traditions, with health officials discouraging large family gatherings in hopes of controlling the coronavirus spread. That could dampen our spirits, and this week’s Thanksgiving holiday, if we let it.
Rather than lament our circumstances, here’s hoping we can take a page from the Husky playbook and focus on the blessings in life. Reach out to friends and family, if not in person then by any means possible, and cherish all that is right in your life rather than focus on the things we can’t control.
Congrats on a terrific, uplifting season Huskies, and to all a Happy Thanksgiving.
Kurt Johnson

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