Letters: Commitment abounds from within


Dear Editor:
   To everyone blessed
   To be living where it’s Best,
    In or near Aurora, Nebraska
The current times are tough
Our future road is rough
But commitment abounds from within,
To say that we’re done
That the enemy has won
Would be nothing less than a sin.
We are all quite aware
There is tension in the air
As we wait for 9/11 once more,
Our imaginations run wild
Our concern is not mild
Because the scars that we have are still sore.
The security steps that we’ve done
Doesn’t mean the war has been won
But the world knows there are road bumps in place,
And though evil may be the goal
Of a few with an unstable soul
It’s going to be tougher to disrupt our National space.
Though we have business to do
Many things to think through
We also need some time to unwind,
And it’s time we all saw the light
And make ourselves blot out the fright
And prove cross-cultural thoughts can be kind.
So let’s stand tall and fast
And hope together we can cast
A large shadow that’s far-reaching and ample,
A shadow to cool heated action
From a small unstable fraction
Of the majority of humans who set a moral example.
D. Ross Beins

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