An open letter to Scott Frost

Dear Coach Frost,
First of all, let me be just one of the thousands of Nebraska folks to whole-heartedly welcome you back home to ‘The Good Life.’
I’m so excited you made the tough decision to leave the comfort and program you were building in UCF to come restore the Huskers back to what we once were.
We’ve been watching you from afar as we do a lot of our native sons once they leave the Husker program and we couldn’t be happier you’ve decided to come back.
I’ve got to say, though, that our beloved Nebraska football program just isn’t in the same state of mind since you helped win us a championship in 1997. I thought it would be a novel idea to catch you up on what we’ve been up to the last 20 years and what you can expect on the job.
We’re a broken fanbase that has been a punching bag for opponents for much of the new century.
Since we joined the Big Ten in 2011, we’ve only defeated six ranked opponents. Two of those came in 2011, another was in a bowl game and our last came in 2016 when we beat Oregon at home.
I know this must be strange to hear, especially considering you defeated four ranked teams during your 1997 championship season alone. From 1994-97, the Huskers defeated 16 ranked opponents.
Really since Frank Solich was fired in 2003, a move that as I’ve gotten older makes less and less sense, a revolving door of people have come through here with “their” system and tried to fix our flaws “their” way. Look where we are now.
I’ll be blunt with you. Our guys are soft. We don’t tackle well. We cannot get a push with our offensive line. We need an overhaul.
However, I know those players on the team haven’t always been like this. There are a bunch of good players on this team, they just need someone to show them the way.
I know you touched on this in your introductory press conference Sunday but allow me to reiterate it to you. We have a ton of great high school football players in this state. They need to and should be Huskers.
Especially over the past 10-plus years, we’ve seen way too many in-state players leave and play somewhere else.
Wyoming has A LOT of Nebraska players, like Aurora’s own Gavin Rush and GICC’s Youhanna Ghaifan. Iowa has several more. There are huge contributors for other teams and could easily be Huskers. Don’t even get me started about Drew Ott...
Not only do we need to make Nebraska great again, but the walk-on program needs to be restored to its glory. I know that’s a focus point for you and have full confidence in you.
I wasn’t old enough to have a recollection of Tom Osborne coaching the Huskers and didn’t have enough time to enjoy Solich before he was inexplicably shoved out the door. I haven’t felt the way I did on Sunday during your press conference at any point during my time as a Husker fanatic about a coach.
The quote, “I hope the Big Ten has to modify their system for us,” had me literally shouting at the TV as if the Huskers scored a touchdown.
This is the right time. You’re the right guy. Let’s make this right. All of Husker Nation is behind you.  
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