A timeless message


Holiday greetings are golden, sincere, standing the test of time

  • Kurt Johnson
    Kurt Johnson

“The essence of the Christmas spirit is in the words ‘Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men.’ Around this simple premise, Christian and non-Christian may join and make this season one of united purpose. Peace and goodwill summarize our hopes and aspirations for all of the world.”
Those words summarize my hopes and aspirations this holiday season, though I didn’t write them, and in fact they first appeared in this newspaper 50 years ago this week. We stumbled upon the editorial thoughts of then publisher Ronald Roy Furse and were struck but a message that seems as timely today as it did in the midst of the Vietnam era.
In 2020, a global pandemic has our full attention this holiday season, both from a health care and public policy point of view. We as a nation are struggling to turn the corner on this epic health crisis, though there is hope that a vaccine may soon provide a pathway toward normalcy.
Looking back on Mr. Furse’s Christmas message from 1970, I couldn’t help but notice how appropriate his words are still today.
 “Hopefully, the recent beginnings toward peace in our troubled world will be recorded in history as actions which led to an end of the shooting and the beginning of accord,” Furse wrote. “As for goodwill, the divisiveness of the election campaign and the civil disorders of the past months have not brought us together. All rational men must seek workable alternatives which preserve the dignity of man and recognize that the public sense of right and wrong cannot be ignored.  Mutual tolerance and understanding can be mankind’s greatest Christmas gift to itself.”
Furse then turned his attention toward his hometown of Aurora, where again the message seemed timely.
“Here in Aurora we are most fortunate in having a community that is nearing the 3500 mark, populated by people that can work together in harmony for the betterment of our town, county and environment. Differences do arise, but with few exceptions they are compromised and all join together in a concerted effort to do the most good for the individual citizen and the growth of our community.
Hundreds of unrecognized people have contributed to the success of our businesses and our welfare. Most of our business people know it, but it’s an impossibility for them to reach each one with a personal handshake and a thank you. So they do the next best thing -- they use the columns of this newspaper.
Throughout this issue of the News-Register are to be found messages of ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Best wishes for the New Year’ from most businesses of Hamilton County to their thousands of customers. These greetings are sincere in letting you know your contribution during this past year is appreciated, that our ties are close, that without your loyalty our success, our growth, our well being would be naught.
So, at this Christmas time, we give thanks to you and yours and God grant every good wish for a joyous holiday season and prosperity in the New Year of 1971.”
We echo those sincere thoughts as 2020 draws to a close and give thanks that we live in such a wonderful community.
Merry Christmas, one and all!
Kurt Johnson

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