Senior housing project a win/win deal

And now, in the words of the late Paul Harvey, for the rest of the story.
I commented in this space last week about a Catch 22 challenge facing Aurora, Hamilton County and much of our great state of Nebraska. Having one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates at 3.5 percent is both a blessing and a curse, I noted, because of the difficulty in creates for local business and industry to find, hire and hold on to quality employees. Part of that challenge, I added, is directly related to having affordable housing for a growing workforce.
Before that editorial had even hit the news rack, however, I received an e-mail which put the issue in a different context. This week’s front page story on the latest Cottage Park senior housing development therefore deserves additional comment.


Catch 22

State officials reported last week that housing and local employment issues resemble the proverbial debate: which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Answering that question is no joke as it relates to economic development. Local businesses and industries need workers to maintain and expand their operations, though the workforce they are trying to recruit needs available housing before they can say yes to a job offer.
So, which one should a proactive community focus on? Expanding the workforce, or creating more housing? We need to do both, is the short answer, and these days we need them simultaneously. It’s a Catch 22 challenge that seems to be getting progressively worse here in Hamilton County and across our entire state, which is both enjoying and battling the impact of 3.5 percent unemployment.


Butch's column

It’s no secret, particularly to the Aurora Library staff, that my betterhalf is an avid reader. She reads her books the old fashioned way turning paper page after paper page, or she goes tech on me and keeps her nose in her Kindle.
Recently I caught her at the computer and asked her what she was doing. She told me she was updating her list of  “must read books” by adding those new issues to her list that still contained, I assume, the top 10’s of 2012. Then betterhalf told me she liked to read the most recently published books rather than the “old” ones. Her last statement puzzled me. But, that was nothing new. A lot of her statements over the years have puzzled me.
In my mind the question still remained, “Why would it make any difference when a book was published for a woman or anyone for that matter, who enjoys reading?”


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