Letters: Thank you for Legion baseball

Dear Editor:
A sincere thank you to American Legion Post 42, Pinnacle Bank and Aurora Coop for making it possible to have a Legion baseball season this summer.
Even though we weren’t able to travel or play teams from other towns, spending time together while still enjoying the game of baseball was valuable to every player and to the future of Aurora baseball. I am very excited to see where this program is headed. Thanks, also, to the coaches and families for all the effort you put in to making the most out of a difficult situation.
I’m proud to have played baseball for Aurora Post 42 and especially appreciate the opportunity to play this summer.
Cam Jones,

Utopian pursuits end in tyranny
Dear Editor:
It is appalling to see adherents of the Baha’i faith, which enjoys all the benefits of the First Amendment, berate and disparage the very country that bestowed these privileges on them by advocating for a “profound” “reordering of our society.” I submit they are either profoundly ignorant of our country’s history and founding documents, or dishonest.
Who can accurately or honestly say America has not made enormous improvements in many aspects of our society, including race relations? I challenge you to name any country on earth that is less “racist” than America. Could a minority hold positions of authority in the governments of China, Russia, Korea, South Africa, Iran, Syria?
According to Robert Woodson, a civil rights activist, six of every 10 Blacks with a college degree work for the government; conversely, two of 10 college-educated Whites are in government. Minorities are teachers and administrators in every level of our education system. Most of our sports are dominated by minorities. How racist can we be if we allow minorities to rule over us, educate us, or be our economic betters, i.e. millionaires and billionaires?
 Historically, it must be remembered that slavery and racism did not originate in America. In fact, it was imported into the colonies by their rulers in Europe. Upon achieving independence, they inherited this moral problem. However, many, in fact most, did not approve of the “institution,” but were unable to find an immediate solution without destroying the newly formed “imperfect union.” The founders were profoundly aware this was not a “perfect” union, but had the desire to work to that end. Being unparalleled in their knowledge of history and adherents of the Judeo-Christian faith, they were not “utopians.” They knew the human race is flawed and took steps to counter our tendency for evil. Checks and balances and distribution of power are but two examples.
I caution Americans not to throw out a very beautiful baby, while cleaning up the bath water. Without exception, history shows that utopian pursuits ALWAYS end in tyranny!
Irl Gilliland,

Can Care-A-Van
a worthy project
Dear Editor:
We would like to encourage everyone to support the 16th annual Channel 10/11 Can Care-A-Van in Hamilton County on Tuesday, Aug. 4. It is held at the Hamilton County Food Pantry located at 12th and N in Aurora from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.
The Can-Care-A-Van is an annul food drive that is celebrating its 33rd year of collecting donations in various communities across Nebraska. We will be collecting canned food and other non-perishable items, which will be distributed to Hamilton County residents who are in need of food for their families. The HCFP is totally supported and managed by volunteers.
Monetary donations are also welcome and can be delivered to the Food Pantry or mailed to P.O. Box 7 in Aurora. All of the food and money collected stays in Hamilton County.
This is a most worthwhile cause and we hope you will join us in supporting the 2020 Can Care-A-Van. Thanks in advance for your generosity.
Bruce and Kathy Ramsour


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