Thrift shop to open June 25th

Dear Editor:
We are excited to be opening the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop on June 25th, and look forward to being able to serve our Aurora community again.  As we prepare to reopen, we’d like to ask the community to help us maintain the quality that they’ve come to expect of our great thrift shop.
As a reminder to the community, donations will be accepted on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to noon. Once we reopen, we’ll also accept donations on Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Donated items should be delivered to the back of the older/original part of the building ONLY during these designated days/times so that volunteers can process, sort and quarantine items before taking them into the store.
While the thrift shop has been closed, we unfortunately have had donations left at the back door, including broken furniture, furniture that is too large to fit in our small display space, dirty clothing, and books left outside that were rained on. When items are not dropped off on the designated days we are there, whatever is donated is left outside for days until a volunteer notices them. We’d like to avoid having this happen in the future, so are hoping to get the word out to the community about our donation hours.
In addition, when considering what to donate, please ask yourself if what you are donating is something that you would want to buy -- good quality CLEAN clothing (we do not have laundry facilities), kitchenware with no chips or cracks, small furniture in good repair, clean and unbroken toys, etc.
Our thrift shop is an important community service. With your help we can continue to provide much needed, quality items to families.
Shirley Strotman,
Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop volunteer

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