Wearing COVID masks doesn’t always cover it

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Under the state’s health directive “in order to mitigate COVID-19 related food disruption, food and beverage sales at restaurants, bars, taverns, private clubs and any dine-in establishments were allowed” beginning May 4 with some other specified conditions.
Naturally it hasn’t taken long for some establishments to challenge state guideline on some of those conditions that included patron capacities, masks and gloves for some employees, etc. One private adult entertainment club in Omaha featuring nude dancers challenged the directive.
The club owner touted he was a private club and was entitled to opening under one of the basic guidelines and “for this would go to jail” if he lost the challenge. And just how was he to fulfil one of the guidelines?
The nude dancers are going to wear masks and gloves. Well, we admit he at least partially met one of the guidelines in an unusual manner.
This working at home can be challenging when both mom and dad are performing their normal corporate-office duties while the young children are Zooming in on school work, or involved in “monkey business.”
One of the mothers was asked, “How’s it going?”
She replied, “Well, I’ve expelled two of the kids from our in-home school and the youngest child was sent to be with his dad in the den-home office.  The child’s taking his ‘time-out’ in the corner staring at the wall.”
Over the past decade or so, the Betterhalf and I have solved our gift-buying for each other on Mother’s and Father’s Days by simply saying, “Why don’t you get what you want and I’ll pay for it.” We’re at the stage in our lives where we both have what we need and more than we deserve so major purchases have not really been a big factor.
While shopping was limited because of the pandemic I varied from my usual and thought a real “mushy” Mother’s Day card would be nice and also order her favorite pizza.   
I searched the local store’s card rack while she was grocery shopping and found the card, but thought she might appreciate me spending on something else. That’s when I turned to a bottle of nice wine to compliment her pizza.
At the checkout I told the clerk I opted for the bottle of wine instead of an expensive card to spend the money of a wine of equal value. That’s when she made a typical woman’s comment. She said, “When you get through checking out why not take her to the card section and just read her the card!”

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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