Letter to editor: Look out for welfare of others

Dear Editor:
I, like many in our small community, have been concerned about the spread of the coronavirus. However, common sense needs to be exercised in ALL things related! Due to the nature of COVID-19, the time from exposure to first symptoms is known as the asymptomatic stage. During that time a person is contagious and can spread the infection to others, and people just are not getting that! Some who have been exposed will never get any symptoms; this is why masks should be worn in public. This needs to be emphasized much more!
The mask simply cannot protect the wearer from this virus! The mask is only worn to capture droplets from the person wearing the mask to protect the public from the person wearing the mask! Masks are not worn to protect YOU. It needs to be worn to PROTECT OTHERS. Every one needs to assume they are asymptomatic.
With all that said some guidance is needed to address HOW a mask should be worn. I have observed MANY PEOPLE wearing their masks incorrectly.
First the mask should completely cover the bridge of the nose and mouth. It should fit snugly so that it effectively can catch and contain any and all droplets that may be expelled from the mouth or nose. And finely if you are using a disposable mask it should be disposed of after one use! IT SHOULD NOT BE REUSED! If you are using a cloth mask you MUST wash it before reusing it. Also please note: there are times when it is not a good idea to wear a mask. If you are outside by yourself and no one else is around, it is perfectly okay to forgo wearing a mask. I have seen people jogging while wearing a mask. This is simply ludicrous. Your body produces more CO2 while exercising. Wearing a mask causes you to re-breath that CO2 which is bad for your health. So wearing a mask while jogging is counterproductive.
Times when a mask is NOT required: “when you are at home; when you are alone or with immediate family in your car, when you are outside soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. “Basically any activity where you are by yourself a mask is not required.
All of these guide lines have been verified via the CDC website as well as our local hospital authorities.
Please be a good citizen and look out for the welfare of those around you!
Larry Crouse,

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