CDHD: TestNebraska helping address needs

Working with TestNebraska has provided the Central District Health Department with an opportunity to expand collaborative efforts in addressing the needs of the district, executive director Teresa Anderson said in a statement Friday afternoon.

"We have received nearly 500 test results from TestNebraska and have determined that 8% of those tests are positive," she said. "This positive rate is greatly improved from the 17% level we had for the last seven-day period."

CDHD reports a total of 1,474 positive cases and a total of 46 COVID-19 related deaths. County breakdown is as follows: Hall: 1,397 positive cases and 37 deaths; Hamilton: 54 positive cases and nine deaths; and Merrick: 23 positive cases and no deaths.

Grand Island was chosen as one of several sites for the roll-out of TestNebraska which will ultimately make testing available across the state of Nebraska. "As we completed the first week of TestNebraska in partnership with the State of Nebraska on TestNebraska in Grand Island, we identified several improvements in processes that will contribute to TestNebraska success," Anderson said. "Public health continues to emphasize the value of additional testing to determine the presence and activity of the virus in communities across the state. We do not anticipate having TestNebraska in the Central District next week as they roll out through the state."

In addition to the testing provided through TestNebraska, CDHD is implementing a pilot COVID-19 case management program. Through this program, CDHD will follow persons who test positive for COVID-19 to help them successfully complete the quarantine period. CDHD Community health workers will maintain regular contact with Covid-19 positive people to assure they have the essentials to successfully quarantine. These essentials include shelter, food, water, medications, and social support.

“As our community continue to weather the pandemic, we need to be certain that those who test positive, as well as their families, have what they need. Our Community Health Workers are experienced in connecting people to resources in our community,” said Colette Evans, CDHD health project supervisor. She adds, “Our community health workers have the knowledge, experience and training to provide COVID-19 positive persons with the necessary resources.”

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