Sometimes it's smarter to keep your mouth shut

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“It’s smart to play dumb.”
That simple statement should always be kept in our memory bank. Unfortunately our memory bank comes up with lots of “overdraws” as we get older. That was the case a few weeks ago when I had a little mishap while backing out of our home’s driveway.
First, I’ll set the stage for this mishap by giving you a little background. Our driveway has a curve before reaching the street. Second, we are a recycling family and religiously set out our recycling container at the street curbside at the end of the driveway. Third, I’m generally in a rush when leaving home in the auto and make use of our old around-town car’s rearview mirror when backing up. All these set up the stage for my mishap.
As I hastily backed from the driveway and was about to enter the street, there was a sudden thump and a scrapping noise. Now it wasn’t a loud thump, but one that caused me to hit the brakes and look again in my rearview mirror.
I stepped out of the car for a closer inspection and found a recycling container somehow jumped in the path of my backing car and was sent flying into the street.
All this activity took place early in the morning and I quickly looked around. It appeared there were no witnesses and no damage except a small crack in the recycling container so I tossed the container in the backseat of the vehicle.
But wait, the Betterhalf could have been looking out the window! That’s when I thought I better not chance it and will later fess up. After all, years earlier I had backed into a post and she never stopped laughing while I made that confession. This second time around was no exception. In fact, it was worse, because I had over the years occasionally reminded her of when she had put a dent in her car.
Entering our home at noon I went into the kitchen where she asked if I had seen the recycling box. That’s when I begrudgingly began my confession. Immediately she laughed. Then she did somewhat of an animated cheer combined with a little dance. It was obvious I had made her day! That was also when I realized she had not even witnessed my mishap and I could have gotten away without her knowing of it.
As I mentioned earlier, “Sometimes it’s smart to play dumb and keep your mouth shut.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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