Old ‘airplane shed’ destroyed by fire

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Embers from a control burn at the Gregg Kremer place on the west edge of Aurora blew into an old shed and burned it to the ground April 21.
Aurora firefighters arrived quickly on the scene and were able to contain the spread to a few area trees, though the shed was a total loss.
“We were doing a burn in a hole and were pretty well done when embers must have spread into that building,” Kremer reported the next morning. “It was an old building that needed to come down, but I didn’t want it to come down like that.”
Assistant Fire Chief Glenn Obermeier said Aurora firefighters didn’t have any trouble knocking the fire down, though by the time they arrived much of the damage had been done.
“Typically once it’s going like that there is a lot of work to get the kindling removed so you can get to the hot spots,” Obermeier said. “It was pretty labor intensive. Any time you get firefighters on a fire it’s actually good training and it also pumps up the morale of the fire department when you are out actually doing something.”
Kremer said the building, located on A Street just west of the Hamilton County Fairgrounds, has been on the property since the 1930s.
“We called it the airplane shed because my Grandpa Maurice was going to put an airplane in there,” Kremer recalled. “If I remember the story right, the guy he bought it with clipped a wire taking off so it scared them enough they sold the airplane right away.”
Kremer said he had planned to remove the 20x40 shed one day soon. Unfortunately, he added, a bailer and some other old items were destroyed in the fire as well.
“It sure made a big smoke,” he concluded.

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