Offers on lost wedding ring include buy one get one

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A week ago I wrote I had lost a wedding band that had been on my finger for nearly 61 years. While it wasn’t “precious” as in terms of dollars, the silver band was precious in terms of the memories it represented.  
Judging by the comments I received, I also found anything with the implication of “wedding” or “romantic significance” got lots of attention ... and even a tale of another lost wedding band.
Willie Bergmark reported that he, too, had lost his wedding band a few months prior to my own loss. He did me one better, as his ring had been worn for over 62 years, or one year longer use than mine and unfortunately both Willie’s and my rings are still missing.
Adding to his report he noted that his wife LaDonna has come up with a solution to his and my misfortunes.
LaDonna suggested I search for a jeweler who had rings on sale. And in particular, look for the retailer who had a two-for-one sale and was even offering, “Buy one ring and receive the second ring FREE.” Willie also mentioned if I found such a sale, he laughingly said he would like the “free ring.”
Something just didn’t “ring true” (excuse the pun) and thus far, I haven’t searched too hard for a replacement ring.
Meanwhile I had a generous offer from Robert Dick and Dick Carlson to bring their metal detectors and scan possible sites where my ring could have been lost. As I reviewed the day the ring came up missing, I found their scanning could cover nearly three miles of dog walking trails; bags of leaves dumped at the city landfill; surroundings around our house where I raked, pulled weeds, and mowed. Simply put, “my ring memories at this age just were not worth that much time or effort.”
Besides, without a wedding band on my finger I still haven’t had any female come up and ask, “Are you an available bachelor?” Somehow it also appears the Betterhalf isn’t too worried with me going without a wedding band.
It’s frustrating right now that gas prices continue to go lower and I have nowhere to go. It’s been over three weeks and the car still has over a half tank of gas.
Remember: “There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks all of them!”

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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