Virus gives little choice to but slow, way, down

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We can recall when my grandparents would comment they wished the world would just slow down a bit. Decades later we followed with the same comment. Now we’ve changed our mind. We had no idea it would take a world-wide spread of a coronavirus now known as COVID-19 to slow all of us down.
  The biggest frustration appears people are realizing they can’t have 100 percent control of their future. It has brought the reality to all of us we don’t appreciate some things until they are gone. A few weeks ago I made that same remark after a few of our meetings were cancelled.
  Also I repeated another comment that I heard: “You never appreciate what you have until it’s gone – toilet paper is a prime example.” Judging by grocery store reports it appears the near-empty store toilet paper shelves could be a prediction of that possibility.
When I mentioned that to the Betterhalf she laughed and said: “I grew up on a farm with an outdoor biffy, I have experience and I could handle that situation.” Solving that problem may not be as easy as she thinks. She has forgotten I’ve converted her to a city girl and there is no biffy in our backyard.
   It’s obvious national politics has had to make an adjustment. Several state primaries have been postponed to later dates. Unfortunately that means more time for more debates and campaigns.
  The slowdown caused us to do a little experimenting. We tire of watching TV newscasts and reading major front page daily newspaper stories on the coverage. Our experiment including watching no newscasts and (Oh, gosh!) not reading our daily newspaper except for the comics and doing the crossword puzzle. I didn’t realize how anxiety-free that could make a guy feel.
  It’s time for a few smiles. During the Depression a customer complained to the butcher: “Those sausages you sold me were meat at one end and corn meal at the other.”
“Yes ma’am. In these hard times, it’s difficult to make both ends meat,” the butcher replied.
  The brain is the most outstanding organ. It works 365 days, 24 hours, right from birth until you fall in love!

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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