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Shock and awe.
That pretty much describes my past week, no doubt your’s as well, what with the cancellations of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the College World Series, the NBA, the Kansas City Royals, and oh, just about any other sport on the planet.
But I do get it. It’s what we need to do because it’s what the experts are telling us. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
Selfishly, inside of me, I’m screaming and hollering and throwing a temper tantrum. My bracket was busted before it ever got started (which is nothing new), but dang, I’d sure like to experience some of that March madness.
So now that reality has set in, or our “new normal,” I’ve decided to keep my chin up, keep a positive attitude knowing that hopefully sooner than later, the world (and Aurora) will get back to just normal.
Without any sports on TV, without (most likely) the Husker spring game, I’ve compiled my Top 10 list of things I’ll do to pass the time, things that will take my mind off of CNN.
1. Pay more attention to my wife. I’m not sure that’s really possible, but just in case, my inner conscience told me to put this numero uno.
2. Increase my exercise days form 20-30 minutes up to 45 minutes. I need to just man up and not be such a wuss.
3. Clean out and reorganize our bedroom closet. Yes, it’s pretty bad and if I just take a couple shelves down and throw some old stuff away, we’ll have lots more room for our clothes.
4. Clean the garage and outdoor storeroom. Neither are terrible but both could definitely use a good spring make over.
5. Watch old Husker football games on YouTube or on some of my old CDs. Can we ever get enough of Tommy Frazier, Roger Craig, Mike Rozier, Turner Gill or Christian Peter?
6. Explore more movies and series on Netflix. We haven’t subscribed all that long so I do need to see what’s out there.
7. Take my zoom lens and go shoot nature and wildlife. I know there’s a lot of great things out there but it seems like there’s never enough time in the day. Now I won’t have that excuse.
8. Read a book. It’s been many moons (too many to even count) since I’ve taken the time to do that. One written by John Wooden would be an excellent place to start.
9. Plant a couple bushes on the west side of our house and stain the deck once it warms up. It’s been a couple years since those bushes mysteriously died, so it just needs to get done. And I’ll surely get a sore back from staining but it’s the price I’ll need to pay.
10. Get a puppy. Okay, in reality I’m still on the fence on this one, but training and playing with a new dog would no doubt be at the top of my “perfect world” list.
No doubt the grandkids would love it.
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