Marriage for better or worse, but not for 24/7

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Sometimes that old adage, “Be careful what you wish for” can jump out and say, “Gotch Ya!”  That’s the case recently when I was looking back to the time over 20 years ago when I was a full-time working newspaper publisher and she, a full-time housewife.
At that time the Betterhalf and I followed an agreement that she would run our household and I would handle business matters at the newspaper and take care of our car servicing. For over 35 years that agreement worked pretty well.  Unfortunately that agreement became a little more challenging upon my retirement when I began hanging around the household a little more. The change became more apparent to me when the Betterhalf mentioned she married me for “better or worse, but not for 24-7.”
Of course her statement came after I had rearranged the pantry in her absence and appeared to be ready to start turning “her one-behind kitchen into a “two-behinder.”
After she ordered me out of her kitchen, the Betterhalf over the next few years has found use for a few of my other household talents. I am in charge of running the upright vacuum once a week in the family room and living room.
She, however, uses her personal robotic vacuum for the bedrooms and confined areas where it is allowed to roam free and unsupervised. Bless her heart the Betterhalf still cleans the bathrooms, but that job is now much easier since our three boys have grown up and do not live in our household anymore. Tile floors and doing the laundry still are under her watch because she is more skilled in handling cleaning chemicals.
As for me, I start the automatic coffeepot first thing in the morning, if she has prepared it and all I have to do is push the on button. And “thanks to me” she has a clean auto outside and in; a car with a full tank of gas; regular service; and reliable transportation.
I am reminded of the observation if you do housework for pay, that’s domestic service. But, if you do it for nothing that is matrimony.
By any standards this old retired guy is still getting the best deal, thanks to my Betterhalf.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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