Lost car key fob results in savings, or does it?

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For several years the Betterhalf accompanies me to the State Wrestling Tournament where we team up with Nebraska Press and the NSAA to help check press credentials and press floor passes. This year was no exception and we headed to Omaha at 5 a.m.
Our annual tournament routine included her assistance through the initial daily rush verifying about 180 individual newspaper and broadcaster credentials for each tournament session.
And just as the years before, again when the rush was over the Betterhalf served notice she was going to take the car and pick up a few “needed things” she couldn’t find in Aurora. It’s funny how that system has worked over the years. She always seems to also stop by (buy) at a shopping center on her way back to our tourney location several hours later.
But, this year a new wrinkle had been added to her normal routine. When the Betterhalf arrived at her destination and went to lock her car, she discovered the remote transmitter to lock car was missing from the car key ring and only the key remained.
This meant each time the key was inserted to unlock the door the panic mode was triggered and the continual horn honking started. Quickly she would jump in the car; insert the key into the ignition to stop the honking.
After searching through purse and looking throughout the car’s interior for the transmitter, she drove back to the tournament parking lot. She then walked the lot area in hopes of finding the remote transmitter. After some time she came in and reported to me about the loss. I sympathized over her predicament, but said by the time she did her lot search a car probably had already run over the remote.
I pointed out transmitters are expensive. I was smart enough not to carry the “expensive part” of our conversation any further. I moved on to the positive by telling her at least she had her car key and my remote transmitter and key. And I assured her that our local Aurora dealer could solve the issue and would have a new one in stock.
Oh yes! There’s another bit of good news. Her shopping spree resulted in her purchasing absolutely nothing (I think).
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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