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So who are you rooting for in Sunday’s Super Bowl? It’s going to seem a little strange without Tom Brady, but hey, I’m not complaining.
Kickoff is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on FOX. If you want to attend in person, one online site was offering tickets at $4,122.50 per person.
Sure. I’ll take two. But remember that doesn’t include getting to Miami, lodging and, oh yes, any food in case you get a little hungry.
The Super Bowl is certainly expensive, but it’s also a made-for-TV prime time event. People who don’t watch one down of pro football during the season can tune in on Sunday night to see it all: the winner crowned, all of the expensive commercials, JLo and Shakira at halftime, along with a MVP that will be headed to Disneyland (or in this case, maybe Disneyworld since it’s closer).
As for me, I’ll probably be rooting for Kansas City just because I could care less about San Francisco. I’m not a Chiefs fan, but I do admire the way Patrick Mahomes slings the football. He’s a cool customer and is just one win away from becoming a legacy. And after this game, I can concentrate on the NFL draft, and who the Cowboys may select in Round 1.
I asked my co-workers in the News-Register office who they will be cheering for, what they predict will happen and how they’ll watch the game. Not surprisingly, a lot of different answers came back.
Co-publisher Kurt Johnson said he’s a bit of a fan of both teams since he lived near both Kansas City and San Francisco years ago.
“I’ll be pulling for my Mahomey Patrick in the Super Bowl, hoping for a game filled with epic plays, entertaining commercials, no controversial calls and lots of back and forth momentum swings,” he said. “Would love to see it come down to a 2-minute drill game-winner from Mahomes to Tyreek Hill for a 38-35 Chiefs victory.”
He told me he’ll watch the game at home with a beer and pizza, and that yes, he’s ready for the football season to be over, and for golf season to begin.
Yep, that sounds like my boss.
Co-publisher Paula, a huge football fan (not), at least knew K.C. was playing in the game.
“So...when is the Super Bowl,” she asked? “I heard the Kansas City Chiefs are playing, not that I will be watching, but I am sure it will be televised and will be tuned into a TV at my house somewhere.”
News editor Cheyenne Rowe told me she would have rather seen a Packers vs. Chiefs Super Bowl (me too).
“Given that I can’t see the Packers win, I’ll root for the Chiefs,” she said. “It’s the closest thing I can get to a Nebraska team, so there. I couldn’t tell you who is going to win, but it’ll be a close one for sure. I don’t pay enough attention to pro football to comment on a score spread, but from what I watched on their most recent games I feel like the 49ers are a powerhouse, but the Chiefs can pull it together and scrape up enough talent and momentum to put up a potentially successful fight.”
Spoken like a true journalist.
She went on to add that due to her house construction project, she probably won’t have a Super Bowl party, although that’s something she would be most excited about.
“I love hosting so that would REALLY get me into the game. But, Nathan and I will probably watch it, with him screaming at the TV, on either our couches or at the bar. The glory of 20-something life -- either lazy at home, or participating in public -- you really don’t know which side of the coin you’re going to get.
“I’m ready for Nebraska football again.”
Composition expert Jill Bartling, a big football fan, told me she’s rooting for the Chiefs since they’re located close to Aurora.
“I will definitely watch it as I love football,” she explained. “As far as I know we are not having a party but I will probably make some snacks to enjoy. I’m not glad the season is over as I like to watch pro football.  Chiefs 42 to 38.”
That would be some game.
Our sports editor, Rich Rhoden, was very specific in what he thinks will go down on Super Sunday. He told me he’ll enjoy the game, but doesn’t look forward to the off-season one bit.
“I’m rooting for a couple embarrassing Joe Buck puns while Troy Aikman spends some time critiquing the Cowboys early off-season moves,” he pointed out about the game’s announcers. “It will be a wild game where Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes will throw a no-look running underhand pass to Travis Kelcie for the game-winning score, to prove once and for all that Joe Montana coming to Kansas City in the 90s was a success.”
Okay. What?
He went on to say he’ll lean on YouTube until next season.
“Once the game is over, I will slowly spiral downward without football until I start watching old Nebraska games from the 70s, 80s and 90s on YouTube, to fill in the gap until late August. I’ll certainly be checking out some Roger Craig games and wondering aloud why he still hasn’t been enshrined in the pro football hall of fame. Such is life.”
Good point. He was one of the most powerful running backs not only in Husker history, but in the NFL, too.
Sales rep Dani Lemburg told me she is “super” excited for this year’s game, but it’s hard for her to say who will win.
“The Chiefs’ offense is so impressive, but the 49ers defense is so good too! I’m rooting for the Chiefs, hoping they can get their first Super Bowl win, and I’m a big Mahomes fan. How can you not like that guy?!? And Hill... so fast and talented.”
She and her family have no plans yet, but she’s sure it’ll be a party of some sort.
“I’ve got family who are 49er fans, and neighbors who are crazy Chiefs fans, so no matter who wins it will be a memorable ending to the season. I’m actually sad that football season will be over because I love to bum around the house on Sundays catching pieces of the games. When it’s over it seems like there’s a void that just can’t be filled with any other sport or entertainment.”
Well put!
Feature writer Jeni Moellenberndt told me she doesn’t know much about football but that she’ll most definitely enjoy the Super Bowl experience.
“I do know that one team is the Chiefs and I think they are who my family go Chiefs? I plan to watch the Super Bowl with William’s family, eat all of their food, watch the commercials that seem to get worse every year, and then take a couch nap. I’ll miss all the parties and food that came with football season, but beyond that it will not really affect anything.”
Our other composition expert, Karla Senff, told me she just isn’t that interested in the game.
“Dean and I may or may not watch the Super Bowl,” she said.  “We are only interested in the commercials and the half time show. If those become boring, we’ll watch something else. I predict the 49ers to win. I don’t know why exactly, I know nothing about either.”
Wife Cindy, one who is knowledgeable about the game of football but who is more of a college football fan, told me one thing that I simply cannot argue about.
“Well, some team is going to win,” she said confidently. “One or the other teams is going to win. I’ll probably be rooting for Kansas City. We’re always at home watching it with ourselves. How boring!
“I’ll be glad when football season is over. It most definitely lingers on too long. Now there’s more time for Netflix.”
As for me, well, I can’t imagine how I would feel if the Cowboys were playing, but hey, I can dream. Anyway, my prediction is that the 49ers big, fat, ugly offensive line is going to take control, just like they did against the Packers. I say San Francisco 35, Kansas City 31, shades of NU-OU in ‘71.
Game on!
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