Keys to happiness haven’t changed in years

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Once there was an old journalist joke that stated, “No news is good news, except if you published a newspaper.” Today news is not only delivered by newspapers, but by TV, radio, social media, cell phones and the list goes on and on.
In a 2019 survey, 54 percent of the public said that following the news causes them stress and in a 2018 another study had found 68 percent of the public felt exhausted by their news consumption. One significant reason claimed news tends to be more negative than the world really is and people possess “negativity bias.”
We need happiness. While cleaning out an old desk drawer I coincidentally found a 1964 birthday card touting the keys to happiness. It read:
“Here’s a bunch of keys to open wide the doors of happiness for this year and the years to come. Happiness is many things to many people. Each individual has some specific requirement for happiness. Happiness to a small lad is a bicycle; to a daughter, a formal; to Dad, a casting rod; to Mom, a new appliance; to a Grandmother, better hearing; to the minister, more devoted church members; to the song writer, someone to publish his musical score; to the poor, more money; to the rich, something different to buy with his money.
Everyone, regardless of his age, sex, wealth, needs for his happiness a bunch of keys like faith, right-thinking, character, courtesy, education, friends, gratitude, health, hope, justice, love, work, and patriotism.
May the jingle of these keys bring to you happiness forever.”
Our son in Texas reported he bumped into a person who represented a farm equipment company at large technology show Las Vegas that normally featured the latest new technology developed for all types of business and private individuals. The company representative told him they had brought their newest giant combine to the show and he was amused when attendees (who obviously had little ag background) questioned his implement display.
Some of the questions included: Is this combine just a prototype and going to be in production soon? Is this for earth, or for use in space? Have you made more than three? If it is run from satellite guidance have you had many accidents? How can I buy one and then what could I do with it?
The poor guy found it tough to answer their questions without laughing.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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