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It’s 15 minutes until kickoff between LSU and Clemson and I’m still trying to get the image out of my head of what Joe Burrow would look like in a Husker uniform. I know, I  know...just let it go.
6:55 pm: Lee Corso puts on a LSU mascot head. First time in my life I’ve seen Nick Saban smile.
7:06 pm: Our President and the First Lady are introduced, walking onto the field for the National Anthem. Are they going to sing? Sure hope not. Melanie looks like she really doesn’t want to be here.
7:12 pm: An ESPN camera guy or gal actually gets knocked over when LSU takes the field. Sorry dude, what did you expect standing right in front of the team?
7:26 pm: Chris Fowler says Joe Burrow wasn’t recruited to his dream school, Nebraska. Great. Thanks for the reminder. At least he didn’t say he wasn’t recruited twice.
7:28 pm: #11 for Clemson, linebacker Isaiah Simmons, makes his first of many great plays. He’s the same Isaiah that told Scott Frost he was going to be a Husker, then switched at the last minute to Clemson. Oh the pain.
7:35 pm: On ESPNU, the coaches film room, Mike Gundy is talking. Okay time to switch back to ESPN.
7:45 pm: Trevor Lawrence scores on a quarterback keeper to his right. Where was LSU’s defense on that one?
7:52 pm: Seems like Clemson is playing with 15 defenders.
7:56 pm: Jeff Hafley is talking in the coaches film room. Who the heck is he?
7:59 pm: Beautiful TD pass by Burrow. They’re dancing in the French Quarter.
8:22 pm: Clemson’s offensive line looks like they’re taking control. Wish the Husker offensive line looked this good.
8:26 pm: Burrow makes a remarkable 56-yard throw down to the Clemson 3. This guy’s got an arm.
8:35 pm: Just wondering if Clemson junior running back Travis Etienne is at all related to former Husker linebacker LeRoy Etienne. Both are from Louisiana.
8:46 pm: Clemson d-lineman falls to the turf with an apparent cramp when LSU is in the hurry up. Shades of Indiana.
9:07 pm: Burrow runs 29 yards on fourth down to the 6, then throws a touchdown pass with 10 seconds left before halftime. Is there anything this guy can’t do?
9:46 pm: Clemson scores and makes it a game again, but I’m wondering just how they’re going to slow down Burrow. And how many times are they going to show Jimmy Burrow and his wife in the stands?
10:08 pm: Clemson leading linebacker thrown out of the game for targeting. Huge call. Just not sure this one is justified.
10:32 pm: Third quarter finally ends. Hey guys, I’ve got to get up in the morning to go to work.
10:38 pm: A beautiful 24-yard touchdown pass by Burrow. The dagger.
10:45 pm: How can LSU be winning with 113 yards of penalties?
10:46 pm: An offensive pass interference call on Clemson negates a touchdown. Certainly do not agree with that call.
11:07 pm: Lawrence fumbles on a quarterback run with 3:53 remaining on the clock. Unreal but he’s going to lose for the first time since November 2017, when he was in high school.
11:14 pm: Game over. Yes! A mere 628 total yards for LSU against the nation’s leading defense. The legend of Joe continues to grow. A dream season for him and the state of Louisiana.
11:15 pm: Good night.
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