Thank you, commissioners

Dear Editor:
I want to thank each of the Hamilton County Commissioners for their vote opposing the conditional use permit to install wind turbines in Hamilton County. It was evident that each one had spent many hours researching the information presented to them. They had also listened to the concerns of their constituents and then responded with a decision that will be the best for all of Hamilton County. It is much appreciated.

Jeanette Friesen


Scholarship for Hamilton County ag leaders
Dear Editor:
As a graduating senior of Aurora High School in 2004, I didn’t really know what to expect when awarded the $3,200 scholarship from Agriculture Future of America (AFA). What followed in November 2004 at a conference in Kansas City was a life-changing experience.  
The AFA Leaders Conference is a gathering of over 850 students from around the country to network, learn, and become exposed to the global opportunities in agriculture both during college and beyond.  The professionalism of the AFA organization and the global agriculture partners that host the conference is second to none. During my time at UNL, I returned to the conference twice as a participant, and was selected as a member of the 2008 Student Advisory Team. Through making industry connections, internship opportunities, and a full-time position after graduation -- I just cannot say enough about AFA.
Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to return to conference, helping recruit for Cargill, and have watched AFA grow from a 300-student gathering to nearly 1,000 individuals from around the country. AFA is a place where agricultural companies network with and help develop the best college students in the country, a top-notch match on both ends.  
Between 2001 to 2012, Hamilton County had a representative at each AFA leaders conference.  After a seven-year break, we are excited to announce the restoration of our Hamilton County AFA Scholarship. Thanks to area donors, we will award a 2020 scholarship and the recipient will also attend the leaders conference in KC, November 2020!
Please help pass the word to Hamilton County graduating seniors who have a passion for agriculture, and who plan to obtain a four-year degree. I couldn’t be more excited for the return of this program and scholarship to our community.  Please go to for more information, and to apply for the scholarship by March 11, 2020.  If there are any questions about the organization, feel free to contact me as well.  
Danny Andersen
Cargill, Wayzata, Minn.


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