Sorry for recall failure

Dear Editor:
To the people of Hamilton County, I am sorry. I have failed you by not getting the recall signature in time. Health reasons kept me from getting out and reaching all of you.
I know that you are all fed up with this group of commissioners and their highway superintendent. Of all the people I talked to only one declined to sign. I listened to you all voice the same complaints, and I heard you state your concerns about public safety and the hazardous conditions of the roads that fall on deaf ears. I heard your concerns of the liability issues we have by the practices of the current highway superintendent and commissioners. Someone is going to get killed on these roads and KC and the commissioners will be to blame.
You are all right that this should never have happened to the Hamilton County roads. You all agree that this board has never come up with a solution to the problems, they just throw taxpayer money at the problems and hope they fix themselves. Again, I am sorry for failing you. I will not give up on you and your problems. I will continue to fight.  
Duane Katt,

Pray for courage to report truths about abortion
Dear Editor:
Mother Teresa of Calcutta once told Americans that “it is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” America suffers perhaps the greatest moral poverty the world has ever known. We are sacrificing our children upon the altar of convenience. Mother Teresa called out America’s legal support of abortion, our use of chemical contraception as a quick-fix, and the many other ways we have commodified human life.
Earlier this year, the governors of New York and Virginia promoted infanticide, stirring citizens of Hamilton County to take action. We formed the Loving Life Coalition. Our latest event was titled Discover the Truth About Life, held on Nov. 9th at the Aurora Middle School Theatre and Commons. The Unplanned movie was viewed and moved many. Abortion-pill reversal was explained with clarity and conviction.
Coverage of Mother Teresa in the media often omitted her witness to the hard truths, choosing instead to feature feel-good images of her handshakes and pleasantries with dignitaries. My sense is that the Discover the Truth About Life event was treated similarly. We must pray for our journalists to exhibit ferocious courage to report well the challenging truths about the fatal attacks upon defenseless preborn babies. It is easier to omit reporting the hard truths by couching them as too radical, too uncomfortable, and therefore unpublishable.
At the first Christmas, an unplanned pregnancy was welcomed into the world by a simple mother, her betrothed spouse, and some shepherds. Mary and Joseph chose life, loved life, cherished life. I pray that as Baby Jesus visits your heart this Christmas, you will be moved to act in response to the sheer grace of Christ’s birth. The Loving Life Coalition welcomes you at or on Facebook at Loving Life NE.
Rev. Loras Grell,

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