Plants welcome at our home, inside and out

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“It’s a jungle out there!” That common saying seemed to apply to our home’s front porch during the summer months and it was because the Betterhalf moved all her houseplants from the interior of our home to outside on the porch. The purpose, as I understand it, is to let the summer sunshine and temps stimulate brighter greenery and heartier growth. Now it has become time to claim, “It’s a jungle in here!” The plants, vines, bushes, cactuses and green foliage have been brought back inside our home.  Even in the corner of our living room stands a near six-foot indoor tree that has been a family member since 1988.
While the moving of plants inside to out seems to be my job, the Betterhalf  has taken care of the watering, trimming, fertilizing and the “dirty work.” She has done a pretty good job and I’m appreciative she doesn’t ask me to do too many plant chores.
According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists I should appreciate her efforts even more. The bulletin noted I should recognize that we are programmed to a natural habitat of clean air and varied green landscapes.  
“Thank you, green plants for giving me vital fresh oxygen in return for the stale carbon dioxide I exhale.
Here’s a comment I picked up somewhere. Did you hear about the guy who tried to teach mathematics to his houseplants? The plants enjoyed the conversation, but ended up with square roots.
My old computer played tricks on me in last week’s column.  A few lines were omitted. The following is a clarification of the message.
Why is Thanksgiving celebrated with turkey? It became the traditional meal because at one time it was a rare treat and in the 1830’s an 8-10 lb. bird cost a day’s wages.
We find it interesting the longevity of the Thanksgiving holiday. The celebration of 1621 reported the Pilgrims of Plymouth feasted for three days with the Wampanoag people. Many settlers in those early years came together just simply to give thanks for their survival and for their faith.
We wonder what the Pilgrims would think if they could see today’s Thanksgiving celebrations.  Hopefully football games; the anticipation of Friday’s Christmas shopping trip; and typical turkey day meals that carry over 3,000 calories did not cloud how fortunate we are. Let us all remember the real purpose of future Thanksgivings.

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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