Speaking out on Loving Life Coalition events

Dear Editor:
A big “Thank You” goes out to the 75 people from multiple Hamilton County congregations who come out to support the cause of life Oct. 6 for the nationally recognized Life Chain event on Highway 34 at Streeter Park in Aurora.
I also want to say a word of appreciation to those who supported the event “Discover the Truth about Life.”  This event, held Nov. 9 at the Aurora High School Theater and Commons, hosted speakers from throughout the state. Two speakers from Lincoln, three from Omaha, one from Aurora, and one from Hastings came out to share truths about abortion from many perspectives.  It was an event that helped to open minds and hearts to the legal, scientific, legislative, and emotional truths surrounding this issue.
Both events were organized by the Loving Life Coalition, a Pro-Life group in Hamilton County.  Part of the challenge in speaking truth is that feathers can be ruffled and feelings can be hurt.  But, being silent about the truth does not make the truth go away  Therefore, speak the truth we must, in the kindest way possible.
Speaking for myself, and the Loving Life Coalition, I state to Hamilton County our extreme disappointment in the lack of news coverage by the Aurora News Register of both events. Claiming lack of foreknowledge by the Aurora News-Register would be false.  Our group chose to use their services for both printing the the events, as well as running large ads in several editions of the paper.  In addition, press releases were sent well in advance for both events.  It is my hope that you, the citizens of Hamilton County, will express your displeasure with the biased reporting tactics demonstrated by the Aurora News-Register.
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Small,

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