It’s time to amend comprehensive zoning plan

Dear Editor:
It is time in Hamilton County for a change to our comprehensive zoning plan. Earlier this fall, shortly before the new comprehensive plan was passed, the chairman of the Hamilton County commissioners board, Rich Nelson, assured the public that the new plan would be a living, breathing document and that if the citizens were to decide that it’s not working out well, the plan could be modified.
These citizens have now spoken up with a petition, requesting that the plan be changed to greatly increase the setback distance of commercial wind turbines from places of residence. The number of petitioners has steadily increased and there are now hundreds of people asking our county officials to change the setbacks. We will soon see whether the board of commissioners is prepared to listen to the concerns of their constituents.
I would urge them to protect the quality of life and property values of these landowners and residents of Hamilton County who are expressing their dissatisfaction with the current regulations.
Esther Bergen,

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