Thoughts on grandmas, older age and ‘pillows’

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Couldn’t help overhearing a couple of women expounding on the fact they appreciated being grandmas, but didn’t like the “older age” that came with it. In addition, they didn’t want to become the traditional grandmother that comes in larger sizes. That brought up some personal thoughts.
As a grandpa, the older age or expanding waist never bothered me. What did bother me was my next step could be a “great-grandpa” and the thought of being a “great-grandpa” had a really old-age ring to it.
Now let’s go back to the two women’s viewpoint of old age and weight gains. I wish they knew our deceased family friend who had some positive viewpoints that would soften their uncomfortableness. Friend Gerri Andersen stated, “Thin people may have better legs, but their lips are bad. When they start to age, their upper lips have sharply-defined vertical wrinkles that made them look like a cross between an accordion and a pleated skirt. Often those stark lines make them crabby.
“When we rotund souls grow older, the wrinkles still come because there is nowhere for them to go,” she continued. “Our skin is already stretched more tightly over an underlying base of flabby flesh, so we look happy.”
Gerrie had some other thoughts that should be remembered.
“The traditional grandmother comes in larger sizes. There are those trim, modern grannies who ride motorcycles and play tennis. But, the time-honored granny spends lots of time making mashed potatoes and chocolate chip cookies for the grandkids. What she makes, she tastes. That leads to expansion.”
Her final advice to grandmothers: “Relax and be happy with yourself. We have more to offer than other people have. We may not have much lap, but we’ve got a lot more pillows!”
“What is the matter, my little man?” asked a sympathetic stranger to a small boy whom he saw crying.
“Please sir, my dog’s dead,” sobbed the boy.
“Well,” said the man, “you mustn’t make such a trouble of it. My grandmother died last week, and I’m not crying.”
“No,” said the boy, “but you didn’t bring her up from a pup.”
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RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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