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I should have known this was coming and been better prepared. 
My wonderful wife Justise has, since the day I met her, longed for the day she could own her first dog. As for me, I have enough trouble trying to feed myself. A dog isn’t necessary. 
So to recap, my wife wants a dog more than anything and it was a big no from me. We compromised and we’ll be dog parents by Thanksgiving. 
Marriage is great. 
Compromise was again a wonderful thing when choosing a breed of our four-legged friend. 
Justise wanted a corgi because, well, I still haven’t figured that out yet. Probably because of those internet influencers. I was hopeful for a big, beefy bulldog with a laughable underbite. 
Again, we talked, compromised and we’re getting a corgi. 
Glad I could have input. 
Now that a puppy was picked out and the deposit thrown in, the most important part was on deck -- the name. 
I got this. 
The compromise on this was relatively simple. Seeing how I lost the first two battles, I threw out two names and Justise got to pick from those. Although between the two it didn’t really matter to me, I had ulterior motives. 
The names of choice included ‘Frost’ or ‘Frank.’ 
As most of you can surely imagine, the name Frost speaks for itself and where it comes from. 
If I was going to have a dog, it’s going to be after the guy that will resurrect my football team and bring it back to the top. I still believe in you, Scott Frost. 
If you’re thinking there’s no way the name Frank ties in to Nebraska football, hang on. 
My deepest recollections of Nebraska football go back to Frank Solich wearing the top headset. I fell too close to the backside of Tom Osborne’s career to remember any of it, which is a complete shame now as my closest claim to a title was getting whitewashed by Miami in the Rose Bowl. 
Solich was my guy, though. Thought he was great. I never understood why he was fired in 2003, and time since then hasn’t cleared anything up. 
Solich won more games in his first six seasons (58) than both Bob Devaney (53) and Osborne (55). But we surely can’t “let Nebraska gravitate into mediocrity.” Eyeroll. 
Even though Solich was no longer the coach at Nebraska, I never stopped following him. Once he was hired at Ohio in 2005, I kept in touch. 
I’ve watched more Ohio football games in the past 14 years than the average Ohio fan. Those midweek MAC football games are can’t miss and arguably the best thing in sports. 
It’s great to see Solich go somewhere and have the type of success he deserved and quite arguably could have done here if not for incompetent management. 
Anyway, that’s where the name Frank comes from -- after the great Frank Solich. 
It is my hope that by naming our first dog Frank that it will be a burying of the hatchet of sorts and the curse that clearly hovers over the Nebraska football program will finally be lifted. 
Is that superstitious? Sure, but it matters. It just does. 
Which name was chosen? Let’s just say I hope Frank doesn’t go to the bathroom on the scarlet and cream carpet rolled out for him. 
RICHARD RHODEN can be reached at sports@hamilton.net

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