HPC makes plans for Beef Booster program

A new program in its infancy stage is looking to not only provide locally-sourced meat to students, but also support local ranchers and meat lockers.
Tom Hofmann, the ag teacher at High Plains Community School, explained that Principal Cameron Hudson has created a leadership team and that one of their goals is to make students more satisfied with school lunches.
“Sutton has a very active Beef Booster program,” Hofmann explained. “They really go out and promote it. If we could do something similar that would be great.
“Since I’ve been here in 2012, this community has been awesome about supporting their school system,” he continued. “You don’t always find that, but this community does a super job of doing whatever it takes to make sure the kids are getting the best education possible. That’s part of it, if you’re eating well, you perform better. Academically, it’s food for the mind.”

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