Halloween decor spending may soon rival Christmas

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There have been rumors in the retail world that Halloween décor and spending are threatening to overtake Christmas. The celebration of Halloween has certainly changed from when we were kids and that was evident recently when we drove to Texas to see grandkids.
The Betterhalf and I made our usual overnight stay in an Oklahoma community near the Texas border where there is a large park that sports nearly five miles of wilderness trails, along with ball diamonds, soccer fields and even a dog park. Before departing the next morning we took our usual walk, but this time it wasn’t so usual.
The park and its trails were being prepped for Halloween by city workers and citizen volunteers. They had been working on the community Halloween project for nearly a month preparing the trails for upcoming Halloween visitors. Already along the trails were ghosts, goblins, pumpkin patches and many unique displays. Clapboard-sided window facades will soon house active community theater members dressed in Halloween attire. The trail areas have been designated for various age groups so not to frighten the young’uns.
For example a giant 15-foot pumpkin man will greet the younger groups when they enter his area. A few sheet-ghosts hanging from near-by trees awaited the visitors.
As the Betterhalf and I traveled the trail for the adults, we were glad it was daylight. We passed a gallery of hanging skeletons with another “sleeping” in his hammock and a guillotine area with severed body parts scattered about.
The trail’s covered bridge had been wrapped to represent a giant spider web which we walked through while trying to avoid the giant spiders above, below and beside us.
Halloween exposure continued on our arrival in Texas. Lo and behold a home in our son’s neighborhood featured a giant yard display of at least three cemeteries, 50-75 tombstones, dozens of skulls and skeletons popping from the ground, and even a talking undertaker.
Later we ventured to a Home Depot. We were greeted with pumpkins, plastic skulls, body parts selling for $10 and up; and over a dozen talking ghosts, witches and even a bear all costing  near $200 apiece. Then there he was, a spooky Captain Hook, with a shoddy bird on his shoulder, commanding a 10-foot-high sailing ship selling for nearly $400!
Next to the Halloween display we were greeted by row after row of artificial Christmas trees and decorations.
Who sez, “Halloween isn’t rivaling Christmas décor spending?” It looks like it is starting to send a very strong message!
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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