There’s something strange going on -- getting older

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As one of our friends noted,” There’s something strange going on.
She said it isn’t the realization of this fact has been sneaking up on her, but with the stealthiness that it was hard for her to interpret exactly what was happening. She clarified that people seemed to be looking upon her as an older lady . . . and she couldn’t figure out why.
Well, we are one step ahead of her and had many of our own observations that have been obvious to us and unfortunately the “strange things going in our life” weren’t hard to figure out.
Most obvious were such things as a receding hairline, facial wrinkles, a “spare tire” around the midsection and the need for a brighter light to read by.
I began to dig a little deeper in this situation and finally conceded, “Hey bud, you’re getting older.”
My earlier white hair has turned to gray. When going to the grocery store, the checkout clerk asked if I needed someone to carry my single bag purchase to the car. Friends suggested we should put a railing on our front porch steps.
Other subtle hints continued. While standing in line at a University of Nebraska parking garage a nice young female student stepped back and told me, “Sir, you on ahead of me”. Now that was mighty polite of her, but when she addressed me as, “Sir,” that carried a sting to my ego.
We’ve become accustomed to those telling us to watch our step; automatically be given the senior discounts without having to ask; and when traveling, keeping an eye out for the next rest stop.
On the great side of getting older is having grandkids and having them call us gramps and grandma. Also on that side of older age, it can prove to be embarrassing. Our married grandson and his wife picked up the dining tab.
We still continue to buy green bananas. If our projections are right, lifetime warranties need not be much over 15 years and life and auto insurance salesmen have pretty much left us alone.
Come to think of it, this strange thing in our life isn’t as bad as projected. We still are able to get up in the morning without the knees hurting; go for a walk with the dogs; enjoy a beautiful day; and thank God we’re still around.

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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