Grandfather clocks keep memories better than time

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Over the years we discovered a household can become  a collection of heirlooms. Families will discover that when the subject of “downsizing” comes up.
A few months ago the Betterhalf and looked around our home and carried the same thought as we passed from room to room and saw collectables, antiques and just simple memorabilia.
Catching our eyes and later our ears were three old clocks that had been passed to us from earlier generations. Three mantel clocks came from great grandparents and grandparents.
Those three clocks were not in working order. The fourth clock was a more recent grandfather clock that was given to us as by my mother as a memorial to her parents. It had only had two faults. It lost a few hours each week and the chimes didn’t function correctly.
The Betterhalf mentioned we could start downsizing by parting with two of the mantel clocks by giving them to our children and keep the other for our own household because she had sentimental attachment (It belonged to her grandparents). To no avail I stepped up and noted the other two clocks belong to MY grandparents.
Not much movement happened in downsizing for a few weeks until the Betterhalf found a clock repairman who would adjust the grandfather clocks’ timing and fix the chime problem. “We can’t give the clocks to our kids unless they work,” she explained.
Fixing ALL the clocks took place, but the repaired clocks now still reside in our household. Hopefully two are destined to our children’s homes and the grandfather clock will stay in our home along with her grandparent’s mantle clock. So much for the downsizing.
Yes, there is still another problem and it ain’t with downsizing. The grandfather clock gains about a minute a week. The two other clocks over a few days also drop a minute or two -- more or less.
In the still of the night we now can hear the ringing of chimes over what seems as an eternity. If the chimes don’t ring, we are then caught anticipating when each clock will ding and when.
We have come up with the solution of not winding all the clocks and hoping within the next few months we will find our children have room on their own mantels.

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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