Wedding day is game day

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A group of 20-some young people congregated around a 32-inch televison with a potential game-winning field goal at stake as if that particular kick was the most important thing to happen on Saturday.
Was it? I mean, the ink wasn’t yet dry on the marriage license.
My former college roommate tied the knot Saturday during the Nebraska-Northwestern game. I could take several jabs at him here, but I’ve done that enough.
The phrase of the weekend was, “It was his wedding day, but it’s also game day.”
The suits were great -- a nice gray, maroon and the personalized cuff links were a classy touch. But it was the black Huskers socks that tied the whole thing together. I mean, it’s game day, right?
The game started an hour before the ceremony as photos were wrapping up. As best man, I felt personally responsible to have the radio call on standby.
We cheered in the church basement as Wan’Dale Robinson broke free from 42 yards out to put Nebraska on top early, 7-0.
Taking a lead into the ceremony has to be good luck, right?
There were a couple Tiger Woods fist pumps as Adrian Martinez found Austin Allen on a sweet route. Seriously, keep throwing to the really tall dude. It works.
At that point, it was time to rip the band-aid off and remove the game from thought. Well, not completely.
Right before walking down the aisle, a guest walked through with high fives as the Huskers took a 10-0 lead.
All day, baby.
The ceremony was great, beautiful and an honor to be a part of. Now, let’s win the game for the Ryans. Score is 10-3 at the half.
We can do this.
As the party gets started, periodical updates for my personal sanity are necessary.
Ten-all score. Oh, no.
JD Spielman and Martinez are now hurt and out of the game entirely. Surely it can’t end like this.
We found a spot for some more photos to be taken and kept the party going before reaching the actual party.
That’s great and all, but I also found Greg Sharpe and Matt Davison on the call, too.
Lamar Jackson interception.
One minute to go.
This is it. I have to watch.
Everyone was this close to begin loading up and heading for the reception. Let’s just hang back a second and see how this shakes out.
Mind you, a lot of the people in this wedding party aren’t even from Nebraska, let alone Husker fans. Sure, a lot of them were. Others weren’t.
However, for five minutes, we were all Huskers fans.
Noah Vedral found Robinson for 32 yards to set up shop in the red zone. Has to be game, right?
I thought for sure with the momentum, Nebraska would punch it in and not have to leave it up to the kicking. But that wouldn’t be as dramatic.
It seemed like the wait was hours as Northwestern used all three of its timeouts to shake Lane McCallum to his bones.
Overtime just isn’t an option for a plethora of reasons.
The snap is good, the hold gets down and the kick ... was something else.
For a 24-yard field goal, it took days for the ball to reach the back of the net. Once it did, chaos ensued.
Friends hugging friends, strangers hugging strangers and just for a moment, everyone was a Husker fan. That’s how you start a marriage.
It was a great day for a wedding, but it was also game day. Everyone won.
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