Frew sings national anthem for Big Red

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The thought of me singing even to myself terrifies me to no end, but to do it in front of a record crowd of 8,632 jacked up fans?
But that’s exactly what Aurora vocal music teacher Jason Frew did one week ago at the Nebraska-Stanford volleyball match at the Devaney Center in Lincoln.
He sang it and he nailed it, something that’s not easy to do.
Daughter Jordan gave us a heads up that it was going to happen as we were on our way to the matchup of No. 1 versus No. 2, so it wasn’t a surprise, but the bright LED lights shining on the court along with a pumped up Husker crowd made for a pretty special performance.
“Performing is something I love to do,” Jason told me about the experience, “though I am far more passionate about teaching performance nowadays. I wasn’t necessarily nervous about singing, but the adrenaline was immense. It was a surreal experience that I tried to take in as best I could.”
He said he saw a tweet that the Huskers were holding singing auditions when the school year started and he thought it would be a fun trip for his family before school got going in full swing.
“I have sang the anthem at some Hastings Sodbusters games over the last two summers and my wife Kristin and our kids love seeing me do it,” he noted. “I thought this could be a fun thing to try out.”
Jason said that just three people listened to him audition that day inside Devaney, but that it was still such a cool experience.
“After that, they informed me that I was added to their list of singers for the year,” Jason said. “A couple weeks later, they sent out a list of home games to a selection of those singers to check on availability. Shortly after that, they asked if I would be willing to sing for the Stanford game. Kristin and I love volleyball and I was thrilled to do it. It didn’t occur to me immediately how big that game was, but it made the opportunity that much more exciting.
“The atmosphere of Devaney on game day is electric and seeing a record-breaking crowd listening to you sing our nation’s anthem is a blessing I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am so glad I got to experience it with my wife and that we got to have a little date night out of it.”
A total of 900 wins for the Husker football program following Saturday night’s thrilling comeback over Illinois marks just the fifth team ever to reach that milestone, along with Michigan, Ohio State, Texas and Alabama.
But boy, it didn’t come easy, and not without elevation to my blood pressure.
With victories this weekend, Notre Dame and Oklahoma will join that exclusive club as well.
And I don’t want to jinx him, but freshman Wan’Dale Robinson’s performance reminded me just a smidgen of, dare I say it, Johnny Rodgers.
I know, I know, I’m getting way ahead of myself here, but if, and that’s a big if, if he can stay healthy, I’m not sure what Wan’Dale won’t be able to do in a year or two.
Some of the cuts he and Mo Washington were making that night made my ankles start throbbing.
How big would it be to get 901 this weekend?
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