Concerns with vehicle damage, safety on Hwy 34

Dear editor: When driving on Highway 34, I hold my breath whenever I am about to meet one of the large semi-trucks hauling gravel. My windshields have been smacked twice now by rocks or chunks of asphalt that fell off the trucks as we met. The company denies responsibility and claim there is no proof of responsibility. The “proof’ as they want it would require me to initial the chunks or rocks on their trucks, then find it after it shatters my windshield.
That 100 percent proof is ridiculous beyond words. In a criminal case, there must be proof beyond a reasonable doubt, or 90 percent or more. In a civil case, one must show with a preponderance of the evidence, or 51 percent, that someone is at fault. I have driven more than 100,000 miles on Highway 34 and never had a problem until I started meeting the large gravel/asphalt trucks.
The non-English speaking drivers and the owners are negligent in having missing splash aprons (statute 60-6,283), transporting sand, gravel and rock uncovered (6O-6,304(1)(b), and preventing the contents of their loads from falling from their vehicles (6O-6,3O4(1)(c). I am sure any reasonable jury would find these truck owners and drivers negligent by the facts of missing splash aprons, uncovered loads, and allowing chunks of asphalt and rock to accumulate on the frames of the trucks, which then bounce off when the truck crosses a small bump on the roadway, where there is no gravel road intersection or other source of the debris.
I do have pictures and witnesses that show these drivers and owners have a habit of violation of the above listed statutes resulting in property damage. And if one of these chunks hit a motorcyclist, it could kill them.
If anyone else has had their vehicles and/or windshields damaged when meeting these trucks, please contact me. I’m in the phone book.
Leon Cederlind,

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