Sixty years later and I’m still one lucky guy

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Some people like big celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries and accomplishments. As for me, accomplishments of another year are one of quiet satisfaction with no sky rockets fired off and instead substituted with a wine toast and steaks on the grill.
Now, I should qualify my statement. The Betterhalf disagrees with my anniversary viewpoint but, accepts it to a certain degree.
As for those anniversary celebrations we had a few exceptions. Friends surprised us on our 25th annniversary with a champaign supper. By mutual agreement the Betterhalf and I decided to forego a big 50th shindig and celebrate all year with just the two of us heading out on small travels or making some special purchases, etc.
Recently our 60th anniversary arrived, came and went with little fanfare. Earlier the Betterhalf had reminded forgetful me that it was “our 60.” To my benefit, I did remember the anniversary . . . just not that it was our 60th. We again decided to repeat our 50th agenda by celebrating the whole year.
Looking back those 60 years of marriage what I didn’t forget was the night I gave my future Betterhalf an engagment ring. After gaining her parents approval I had made plans to slip the ring on her finger during a group-sponsored hayrack ride from her family’s farmstead.
However, I got cold feet fearing if I dropped the ring it could be lost in the wagonload of hay, or possibly fall onto the darkened gravel roadway. I altered plans and would wait until we returned to the farm.
Her farm home had an unfinished basement that housed a wringer washer, dryer, freezer, cream separator, shelves of home-canned goods, and was lighted romantically by a couple of  lightbulbs.
Upon arrival my Betterhalf and I headed to the basement to bring up the ice cream for the hayrack riders. That created a perfect opportunity to romantically slip the ring on her finger.
It appears that “romantic setting” made little difference to our future. Her acceptance and our 60 years of marriage are testimonials that true love overlooks atmosphere and a man’s occasional attitude of big celebrations. This man is one lucky guy!
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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