Technology not needed to detect diaper odor

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Recently two diaper companies announced they would soon be selling a new innovation called “tech diapers.” Thankfully our family has been out of the baby diaper need for years. The only innovation we can recall during our kids’ diaper years was when the diaper market moved from cloth to disposables.
At that time we (particularly my Betterhalf) thought how wonderful it would be to rid the household of the smelly diaper bucket and not have the continual daily diaper washing duties. Unfortunately in our younger years we found we could only afford disposable diapers on “special” occasions such as when we traveled to the grandparents’ home or an overnight stay.
Getting back to those new tech diapers, we’re hoping for the best for today’s families who have diapered tots. However, we do question the need for new high-tech diapers. Years ago the Betterhalf and I had little trouble questioning when a diaper change was needed. Simply put, our noses could smell it!
Around Valentine’s Day a girl informed her sweetheart that she couldn’t think of marrying him until he had saved a thousand dollars. With the fading of summer she has now asked how much he had saved up.
“Oh, about $50,” he answered.
“Well,” she said with a blush and a sigh, “I guess that’s near enough.”
The citizens of our country are searching for cure-alls to many issues facing us regarding education, taxation, immigration, health, terrorism, gun control, world trade and the list goes on and on. Simple and complete resolutions to those problems are hard to come by, but we hope some of the issues can be resolved.
Just how big are those problems for our United States, which has a population of approximately 327 million people? It seems we have 327 million answers and no one answer is completely foolproof to any one issue.
The United States budget deficit has gone from billions to trillions of dollars. The expansion of school programs has grown from the K-12 classroom needs to meeting food, mental health and a host of other social needs. And of course there’s the Second Amendment issue with gun control. It’s hard to find error-free efficiency when many states are already averaging over a half million FBI firearm related background checks annually.
Despite the potential doom we think is facing us let’s be reminded: We’re still living in a country where many of world’s people want to live.

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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