Road conditions getting worse

Dear Editor:
I would hope that one of the main goals of the Hamilton County commissioners would be public safety, but by their apparent lack of action this does not seem to be the case.
On Monday, Aug. 12, I was made aware that the county road conditions are getting more deplorable and unsafe to the point of some senior citizens, who count on a daily hot meal, being unable to receive home-delivered meals from the Hamilton County Senior Center. I might add that the pickup from the center does have four-wheel drive.
Some county roads are just rutted and pure mud due to the lack of appropriate maintenance and void of any gravel. Some of those roads have not had any gravel for at least four years in the Phillips area, so this is not just a new situation with the plentiful rains this summer, but has been compounded due to a lack of maintenance.
Residents in the Hampton area have asked the commissioners to come and inspect the road conditions, but apparently have been ignored.
School is on and with poor road conditions there are major concerns from parents with their children driving to school as well as how the bus drivers will be able to navigate the roads and bring students to and from school safely.
Do we have to wait helplessly and see if the commissioners will do their jobs of driving on the roads other than the ones they live on? I for one would rather ward off traffic accidents or possible deaths by having the roads correctly maintained than say something should have been done after the fact.
The taxpayers deserve good roads and commissioners who want to do right by them.
Bonnie Campbell,

Time to stand and fight for all life
Dear Editor:
To the Phillips readers who were displeased with my support of pro-life issues: shame on you! You can be satisfied that my “freedom of speech” has been curtailed in the community news section but I will not be silenced.
I will always be an advocate for the unborn. Matthew 18: 3, 5, 7, 14: “‘… unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven… And whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me… Woe to the world because of things that cause sin! …it is not the will of your heavenly Father that one of these little ones be lost.’”
Technology has advanced immensely giving us definitive proof that a child exists in the womb immediately. The liberals are ignoring the proof and playing God. It is time that we truly understand the horrors that have occurred since Roe v. Wade. Christian conservatives need to stand together and fight for all life. It is time our voices are not squelched by liberals who have no belief in God or value life.
Now is the time to learn what the 2020 candidates stand for on a local, state and federal level. There is not one Democratic presidential candidate who is pro-life. Does that worry you? It should! I have never and will never vote for a candidate who is not pro-life. If you can take the life of an innocent unborn child without regrets or support the concept you are capable of any despicable act.
We need to re-elect our pro-life president in 2020. If that does not happen…May God somehow forgive us and save us from the evil that will result. If my words displease you -- good!
That means God is trying   to get you to justify your beliefs.
Michelle McDonald,

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