‘Sinning incidents’ can sometimes bring a laugh

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When we were studying journalism in college our instructor cautioned us to avoid certain subjects when writing a column. One of those subjects mentioned was religion. Since I’ve broken many rules, I guess one more won’t make much difference.
While out of state for a few weeks, the Betterhalf and I happened to attend a church service where the minister’s preaching centered on the word, “sin.” He told his congregation that all people -- even including him -- have sinned and that there are many kinds of sins.
The minister expounded on the subject there were major sins such as murder, as well as less serious sins such as some of those little fibs, fish stories and stretching the truth a little.
He then brought laughs to the congregation when he related to two of his own personal “sinning incidents” that occurred in their household. He and his wife have four young children, three of which are boys.
He reported the first incident came when one of the young boys dropped his donut while in the bathroom. Now if you have raised boys, you realize the bathroom floor may not be the cleanest floor in the house. The youngster came out crying and in this case the minister soothed the young lad by saying, “We’ll wipe it off and it will be all right.” No thought was given to the possible contamination from germs on the floor.
The second incident involved the minister fixing the family meal. He was in the kitchen by himself preparing a large Quesadilla. After putting on numerous toppings, standing back and admiring my masterful work, he decided to add some salsa sauce before popping the Quesadilla in the oven.
“I reached in the refrigerator and took out a previously opened jar of salsa and began pouring it over the top. As the jar emptied a piece of ‘green mold’ fell from the bottom of the jar. Immediately I panicked, but picked the fallen green from the top of my masterpiece and popped the Quesadilla in the oven,” he said. “I figured the baking in the oven would kill potential contamination and there was no need to tell the family,” he added.
When the congregational laughing stopped, the minister concluded there were no ill effects so he told his wife of the mishap.
Driving home after the church service I figured I’m in real trouble and better start straightening up because I’ve really got a batch of “sinning incidents” to overcome.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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