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Comprehensive plan could impact people's lives


Dear Editor:
Three weeks ago the proposed new Hamilton County comprehensive plan and regulations passed through the Hamilton County Planning and Zoning Commission on to the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners. In the regulations section are two important regulations that can potentially impact the quality of our lives in Hamilton County.
First is the density of residences in rural Hamilton County. These regulations govern how many new residences could be built and the minimum size of the acreage needed to build in rural areas of our county. The proposals are one residence per quarter section with a minimum three acre requirement.
Next and arguably the most impactful are the regulations governing placement of wind turbines if built. These two regulations were presented within a package of regulations and my concern is that they could get overlooked in the process.
The Hamilton County Commissioners have set a public hearing date of Aug. 12 for the new Hamilton County comprehensive plan. My hope is that citizens of this county will be informed and voice their thoughts and concerns to the county commissioners on these issues.
Dave Hutsell,

Pro-Life, women’s rights issues should be separated
Dear Editor:
For me, being Pro-Life is just a given.  For others, in my  opinion, it is difficult to hear the Pro-Life side and though they may agree with the statements and the science behind them, they don’t want to give up their rights as women so they stand on the side of Pro-Choice.  
Women have had to fight for a long time and still are fighting to being treated as equals in the work place. So, I believe the issues should be separated. Protecting life should be a no-brainer. Treating women as equals in education, the work place, and so on should be a no-brainer.  We all need to take responsibility for our bodies.  
We were created in God’s image and our bodies are His temple. We should be proud and reverent of how He created us and as women how we are able to nurture a child in the womb and bring them into the world safely.
Once again I urge you to read the book, “Who Broke the Baby?” by Jean Staker Garton.  One of the issues she points out right away is that the slogan “every woman has a right to control her own body” is great but that the women touting it are not allowing every woman control over their own bodies as at least 50 percent of the babies aborted are female.  Those “little women” have no say.  
Just something to think about and pray about as the 2020 election nears and you need to vote on who you want to represent you.  Do you want leaders who do not respect life, at any age, or those who cherish each and every life?
Michelle McDonald,


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