Accident stirs safety concerns

Dear Editor:
The accident on Friday, July 12, as reported in the News Register, happened just a half-block south of our St. Mary’s church parking lot’s access point onto 10th Street.  
Living at 1419 10th Street, I have myself seen people crossing that intersection dangerously. I grew up driving on the gravel roads of Gage County, where my dad taught me to move over to the right when topping a hill, just in case someone was approaching from the opposite direction. I do my best to approach uncontrolled intersections like 10th and O the same way as I do when driving gravel roads, that is, by presuming that someone might be coming through.  
Almost on a daily basis, I have seen southbound and northbound traffic on 10th Street who in my opinion are going too fast. I am referring to both intersections within view of my rectory, for P and O Streets, all the way from Highway 34 to the north to M Street on the south. My appraisal is that many motorists approach uncontrolled intersections the opposite of how I was taught for topping hills on gravel. They presume that no one will be coming into the intersection and/or presume that they will have the right-of-way.  
Please know that I do not intend any particular judgment on the parties involved in the July 12th accident. Rather, I pray for their recovery. I submit this letter in the hopes that 10th Street motorists may exercise greater caution.
Rev. Loras K. Grell,


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